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The Watchtower Society, whose followers are ordinarily called Jehovah's Witnesses claim to follow the Bible. But do they? There are many websites committed to showing three things: first, how their teaching is in conflict with the Bible, how their translation of the Bible has been changed and mistranslated to adapt it to their teachings, and also how they have made many false prophecies which show that their organisation, which claims to be the prophet for this age, is a false prophet.

God gave two tests of a true prophet. They would never teach contrary to the Bible, and everything they prophecy will come true in every detail. The internet has many sites listing the Wachtower organisation's failed prophecies and their attempts to reinterpret them after the event. Try this as a taster.

Type into the search bar of yourbrowser"false prophecies of the Jehovah's Witnesses" to discover more of the failed prophecies given by the Watchtower Organisation which claims it is God's voice to the world.

For further help in understanding the Bible, to obtain an accurate translation or to receive any further assistance concerning Watchtower organisation please email us.

If you have been influenced by the Jehovah's Witnesses, begin here and see if what is said here makes sense.

Other videos explaining how Jehovah's Witness' teaching is not true to the meaning of the Bible are indicated below.

Please remember - understanding what is wrong with a false religion does not mean you have yet discovered salvation through the Lord Jesus. Go here for further help or email us.