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The Bible is very important to Christians, because it is the Word of God. For this reason, Christians have often been called the people of The Book.

Where did the Bible come from?

Christians of today never wrote the Bible, but they do get it translated from the many thousands of copies of the original documents from ancient times. The original documents were copied very carefully. Every letter and line was counted. If there were errors, the copy was not used. This is how we can say that today we have the Word of God, and that the translations are made from reliable manuscripts.

Who were the authors?

We know that over 40 writers, many of whom never met each other, all worshipped the one true God. These writers were moved and carried along by God to produce a true written revelation of what God is like and what He has done.

What is the Bible about?

The Bible records the creation of the universe, the disastrous wrong choice of Adam and Eve, the promise of the Saviour, and on it goes to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It contains history, prophecy, poetry, biography, autobiography, songs and personal letters. One part was written before Christ came and the other written after. The Old and New Testaments are therefore the two lips which speak with one voice about God. We don’t need any more prophets or books. Jesus said that trouble awaited any who added to or took away from the written words of the Bible.

Many have tried to destroy the Bible. It has been banned and burned, but it has never been proven to contradict itself. It is true historically and scientifically. despite every effort to prove one of its statements false, it is still today like an anvil that has worn out many hammers that have constantly hammered down on it.

Why is the Bible important to Christians?

Christians love the Bible. It is like their bread, milk, meat and honey. Most Christians read from it every day and find it helps them know God. It gives them assurance of His love, it strengthens them, counsels them and comforts them. Through the Bible they can face life and death.

Christians love to hear Bible teachers and pastors in their churches explain its truths. They listen and then go home to think about what they have heard. If someone in their church says something that is
contradicted by the Bible, true Christians will not follow that false teaching.

At the heart of the Bible is the teaching that there is a God, that we have all sinned against Him, and that God has sent a Saviour.

Would you like a Bible?

If you have never yet opened the Bible to see what it has to say, why not begin with one of the four accounts of the life of Jesus? Those biographies of Jesus never contradict each other. They each record the same story, but they are emphasising different aspects of who Jesus was and why He came.

If you would like a copy please click here.

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