What do Christians believe? The 5 pillars of true Christianity.

What do Christians believe? The answer is that those who call themselves Christians believe all kinds of conflicting and contradictory things. So what’s the answer? What are the major teachings of the Bible?

There are 5 teachings which distinguish true Christianity. They are the five pillars of the Christian Faith. They can be summarised using the letters of the word F A I T H.


  • Salvation from the guilt and power of sin is through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing that the non-Christian can do can remove or make amends before God for the smallest sin. Therefore salvation is by grace, through faith in what Christ did when He died for others on the Cross, and not owing to anything anyone can do for themselves or for others.


  • Since there is nothing we can do to remove our own sin, God has provided another way. The Lord Jesus Christ came into the world and lived the life we ought to have lived, in perfect obedience to God. This sinless and righteous life was offered at Calvary as an atoning sacrifice to pay the penalty for sin. All who, in repentance of their sins, trust in Christ, are therefore immediately and completely forgiven all their sins. This atonement is complete and delivers the worst of sinners from the greatest measure of everlasting punishment.


  • The word of God, contained in the Old and New Testaments, is the only rule of our faith and conduct. God gave the scriptures by inspiration so that when written they were without error in whatever area they spoke, and He has preserved them through history so that when they are translated for us to read we may confidently say we are reading the very Word of God.


  • There is only one true and living God, and He has revealed that He is a Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. All His attributes exist in all their perfections in each Person of the Trinity, and yet there are not three gods, but one. The Father has chosen, the Son has redeemed, and the Spirit is bringing to salvation all of God’s people. Their salvation is secure as it rests in the Person and promise of God.


  • Christian believers have put away sin. They have been separated to a life of obedience and discipleship. This life is one of progress to maturity, and is not the work of a moment. The Christian receives grace to persevere in this path, and wherever there is a fall, God works to recover His child, so that he or she remains on this path throughout their life, and are then received to Heaven at their death.

How do I become a Christian?

If you are thinking seriously about the Christian message, or even are aware that you need to turn to the Lord to begin a new life as a believer, you can find more resources here.

If you wish to write or to speak with someone please contact us. David Harding or his wife Colette will reply depending on whether you are male or female. David has been a pastor for over 25 years, and is at a church where people attend from 10 different countries. They can provide advice in your search to know Christ as Lord and Saviour.

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