How can I face terminal illness with peace?

Gerard Chrispin, pictured below with his wife, has produced a booklet giving a very personal response to this serious question. He begins with these words:

Gerard and Phillippa Chrispin

This booklet really is not easy for me to write.

I picture you, the reader, as someone facing the issue of terminal illness either for yourself or for a loved one or friend. I do not just want to say the usual things
people say. I want this to come across as real and to be truly helpful to you.

I have sat with loved ones as their lives have ebbed out and spent time with others moving towards the end of their journey. I myself have a form of blood cancer. Although, as I write this booklet I feel fine, I know what the possibilities are. That makes me want, even more, to write  something relevant and that really makes a difference.

Click here to read the extract online.


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